A Guide to Getting Government Property Financing

Are you currently looking for the best and most affordable property financing solution? Basically, there are loads of avenues through which you can get financing. However, most of these have loopholes that can easily harm both your finances and property in the long run. It’s for these reasons that one is encouraged to opt for government agency financing, such as FHA (Federal Housing Administration). One of the key advantages of using FHA is that, in case of default payments, the risk to be incurred is quite manageable. In addition to this, the repayment rates are a lot more affordable. So, how then do you go about applying and getting FHA financing?

First, you have to make sure that you meet the set requirements. Some of the key basic requirements include:

Being of a legal age, having a valid social security number and, having a steady job. In addition to this, you must make a 3.5% down payment, your property taxes, home insurance and home payments shouldn’t exceed 31% of your gross income and, if you have ever filed for bankruptcy, you should wait till two years are over.


Once all of these conditions have been met, you are free to make a loan request via any of the FHA offices or via the FHA website. Unlike all the other financing avenues which are a little tedious and time consuming, this particular one is usually very easy and fast. However, one has to answer a couple of questions. In essence, the more accurate and detailed the information provided is, the faster the request will be finalized. But before this happens, the property in question has to be appraised by an appraiser who has been approved by FHA. If it meets all the requirements, then, you will be just a step away from getting the financing you are looking for.


Although this is quite an easy process, if you are currently under a lot of pressure, lack the basic home loan financing know-how or are in need of some help, it’s always advisable that you find someone who’s more experienced. As such, you can hire a broker to help you understand the various requirements needed during the application or, help you with the paperwork. Being highly experienced, they can help increase the chances of your application getting approved.


Based on all of the above basics and advantages, it’s evident that opting for government rather than private company financing is the best way out. If you live in Myrtle Beach SC – Here is a Great Place for FHA Mortgages in Myrtle Beach.