luxury homesWhy would you want to book a hotel in Istanbul.  It may sound cliche, and that is what is meant.  If you are looking for hotel accommodations we can no longer help you. We are creating a wonderful real estate blog here now and forwarding everyone to it.

So if you a have an interest in Property, Land, Investing, Finding a Mortgage, Placing Insurance or anything else to do with real estate then you have come to the right spot. We are moving all of our resources towards that end and hope you will follow us along.

Our writers are busy researching the best places to find homes for sale and products related to property acquisition. Along the way we hope to bring useful tips on:

  • maintaining your real estate investment.
  • Finding a Great Real Estate Agent
  • Featured Properties
  • Foreclosure opportunities (yes there are still some of them around)
  • International Real Estate opportunities
  • Buying a hotel (but not renting or booking a room in one – sorry)
  • Commercial Property
  • Mortgage tools and reviews
  • Government Assistants programs that are emerging
  • Interest rates and Trends
  • and much more…

Over the past decade a lot of turmoil in the housing markets in the US have left many Us and international buyer with unique opportunities to take advantage of pricing deals at the same time that lending practices seem to be loosening up.  Within out pages we will highlight some of those buying opportunities so check back often for updates and news.